Animals Asia at Pup Aid 2013

Members of the London Animals Asia Support Group will be manning the Animals Asia stall at this year’s Pup Aid at Primrose Hill together with Animals Asia staff.

This is a fantastic event, brainchild of TV vet Marc Abraham also known as Marc the Vet and the largest puppy party in the world I believe.  There are charity stalls, commercial doggy type stalls and a great variety of celebrity judged fun dog competitions.  The purpose of the event, other than it being a fun day, is to raise awareness of the horrendous puppy farms we have here in the UK.  A lot of people still don’t know that puppies they buy online or in a pet shop will be from puppy farms, even if they buy them in well known and expensive department stores.

Please come and see us and support both Animals Asia and Pup Aid.

If you haven’t signed Marc’s petition to ban the sale of puppies and kittens without their mothers present, please sign this too and share widely

Pup Aid




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