Animals Asia Vietnam Trek Day 3


We had a great day trekking today which started with pancakes for breakfast.  Before we set off we discussed our options as the rain had made everything rather slippery.  We decided to go for the “easier” option as the other would just have been too dangerous.  The scenery was absolutely stunning and we passed a few beautiful villages in the jungle. It rained on and off all day which cooled it down a bit but also made the paths very slippery and at least half the group went down on their bums at some point.  We had a long and hard but also our best day so far thanks to the beautiful scenery. There will be a full account of the trek eventually so I’ll keep this short.

The picture above is our first stop in the morning and below are Suzie’s bears Roger and Jay van Bear, who travel everywhere with her, sitting on their bed at our third homestay.



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