A chance to double your donation in December

This has been Animals Asia’s greatest and toughest year so far, so I thought as some followers of this blog may not regularly follow Animals Asia’s updates I should let you know that there is a chance to double your donation this month.  Some very generous benefactors in Hong Kong will match any unrestricted donations in December.  Unrestricted donations are donations which aren’t for any specific campaign, for example End Bear Bile Farming, but can be used wherever funds are most urgently needed.

Please also read Animals Asia’s founder and CEO Jill Robinson’s summary of 2014 here




2014 has been our group’s most successful fundraising year to date and most of it has gone towards our Nanning bear adoption, which in turn will help with the conversion of the Nanning bear farm. As the other campaigns need funding too, the money from our next two collections, 6th and 13th December, will be unrestricted and so will be eligible to be matched by the kind benefactors in Hong Kong.

If you are thinking of making a donation to Animals Asia, this would be the time to do it as your donation will be worth double.  A click on the picture above will lead you straight to the donation page.  The default currency is USD but will change when you choose your country. 

Please be part of this exciting change and give the animals in Asia the best Christmas gift there is – hope for the future.

If you haven’t signed up for Animals Asia’s e-newsletter you may like to do so now to keep up to date with the constant progress.

Thank you and bear hugs!


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