An Open Letter to Animal Rights Advocates

I wanted to share this very important blog here. All of us who do what we can to end all animal suffering have heard the comments from those who don’t want to know. Never give up, we are not alone and more and more people are joining us

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To All the Animal Rights Advocates in the World,

We often hear people dismiss animal advocates as radical or fanatic. In some circles, the term has a negative connotation like “hippie” or “emo.” Fortunately, as people learn the truth about animal agriculture, the fur trade, seaquariums, the circus, experiments on animals, and other acts of cruelty, the perception changes. As advocates, it’s important for us to communicate our message in a way that will interest and engage people to break this stereotype. That is our challenge. As with any movement, before the sensibility of it has been fully realized, resistance abounds.

Where does some of the rage and impatience originate in animal rights advocates? It’s largely rooted in the fact that the reasons for which we changed are problems that can be solved. As soon as people decide to make simple changes in their lives, they can transition from someone who kills animals to…

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