The London Animals Asia Support Group was set up to raise funds and awareness for UK and international charity, Animals Asia Foundation.

About Animals Asia

Founded by Dr Jill Robinson MBE in 1998, Animals Asia Foundation is devoted to the welfare of wild and urban animals in Asia. We also work towards the conservation of endangered species. Animals Asia is an Asian-focused charity with headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Australia, China, Germany, Italy, the UK and USA, as well as Moon Bear Rescue Centres in China and Vietnam.

We have three flagship programmes: End Bear Bile FarmingCat and Dog Welfare and Zoos and Safari Parks. Under these, we have many campaigns, including the Moon Bear Rescue aimed at bringing the barbaric practice of bear farming and the bile trade to an end. We have signed agreements with both the Chinese and Vietnamese governments to rescue 700 bears from the torture of bile farms, and bring them to our sanctuaries to live out their lives in peace and safety.

At present, we have around 270 rescued bears at our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam and over the years, we’ve rescued a total of 400 bears. In China, we’re working with conservation leaders in Beijing as well as forestry leaders in individual provinces to close down farms and make whole provinces bear-farm free. So far, we’ve closed down 43 Chinese farms and seen 20 of mainland China’s 31 provinces become proudly bear farm-free. We also work to reduce the demand for bile in Asia by promoting affordable, effective and cruelty-free alternatives.

Under Cat and Dog Welfare, our campaigns include Tackling the Meat Trade and Animal Therapy (our pioneering Dr Dog and Professor Paws programmes).

More than 250 registered therapy dogs and their guardians volunteer in 10 Asian cities, spreading their special brand of comfort and love to those in need in hospitals, orphanages, schools and centres for the disabled. We feel these dogs are the perfect ambassadors for their species (as well as for cats) and hope that eventually people will grow to love all animals through their love of these companion animals.

Under our multi-species programme, Zoos and Safari Parks, our campaigns include Investigation; Improving Welfare Standards; Vet Welfare Standards; Government and Policy and Public Awareness.

Find out more here.

About London Animals Asia Support Group

Our support group is always happy to welcome new members who would like to get involved in whichever ways they can. We organise awareness and fundraising events and have market stalls whenever we can, covering as much of London as possible to raise maximum awareness.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little time you have, if you would like to help us end the suffering, whatever time you can spare will be much appreciated. We are all volunteers, so we don’t expect anyone to be available all the time.

Drop us a line to find out more here


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