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Join our Walk for Freedom for 130 bears

After a 2 year break we are reviving the Wimbledon Common Walk for Freedom and this year it will coincide with the Stables Open Day, with lots of family fun and fun dog shows.  Come and join us for our walk and then stay on to enjoy a day on beautiful Wimbledon Common; your canine companions could even enter one or more of the dog shows.

Our walk will raise funds to help us adopt one of 130 bears on a bear farm in Nanning, Southern China, which is being converted into a sanctuary by Animals Asia.  The funds we raise for our bear will directly help with the conversion as this will provide her with all she needs for the first two years of being looked after by Animals Asia.

Be part of the change and walk with us for their FREEDOM

on Sunday 14 September at 11.00am (more details below)

You can book your place online or contact us for a booking form or further information using the form below.  Please note that the online booking incurs a small booking fee.

We would love you to raise as much sponsorship as possible too.  You can download a sponsorship form here or use the form below to request one.

If you haven’t met little Smudge yet, the last moon bear cub to be born in captivity on the Nanning farm, have a look at the little video here.  Luckily she will never know the tortures of bile extraction.


Wimbledon Walk Flyer

The Wine God Comes to Hampstead in Aid of the Moon Bears

Come and join us for this dramatic, imaginative, exotic and tragic one man show in the garden of a private residence in Hampstead on Saturday 5 July at 3.00pm

The event is sponsored by the Co-operative, Hampstead and all proceeds will go towards Animals Asia’s conversion of a bear bile farm in Nanning, Southern China, into a sanctuary.  For those of you who haven’t read about this amazing and unique project yet, please visit Animals Asia’s website to read how the lives of the 130 bears at the bear bile farm are going to be transformed.  

The ticket price of £15 includes supper and wine


Dionysus was a Greek God like no other. He loved all of nature and to him it was the essence of life and death.

He hated conformity. He worshipped wildness and liberty.

Dionysus had a vision of a true wilderness with ivy, wild flowers and vines covering the whole of Greece and where no animal would be in chains.

The woman folk would join him on the mountain top, all drinking copious amounts of wine through the day and night, and dancing barefoot through the wild, mysterious forest.

He was brought up by the nymphs so he had a great understanding and passion of all things feminine and free


You can book online here or if you’d rather pay by cheque or cash please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you with details.
Dionysus Flyer

Animals Asia Vietnam Trekkers meet the Bears


Today was the highlight of our trip – our visit to the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre; the reason why we trekked through the jungle for 5 days and what kept us going when the going got tough.


It was absolutely magical to meet some of the bears and wonderful to meet Vietnam Director Tuan Bendixsen and Bear and Vet Team Director Annemarie Weegenaar, and of course to see Jill again. Time spent at the sanctuary can never be long enough but we had a good few hours. We arrived at 8am and stayed until 3.15pm so were able to see many of the bears. We saw them rushing out of their dens for breakfast and then again for their afternoon playtime and foraging. It’s impossible to describe the emotions when you see them so happy and excited…..

Some of us had bears we sponsor or have befriended who we obviously wanted to meet so we were all busy taking photographs.  There will be a lot more on Facebook eventually but I thought I’d share a couple here.

Here are Chocolate and Suki


And here Jill with lovely Suzie Marsh and Roger and Jay van Bear in the herb garden by Suzie’s sculpture of Taurus – a present from Suzie to the sanctuary earlier this year.