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Ealing Animal Welfare Bazaar

We will have a stall again at the Ealing Animal Welfare Bazaar this coming Saturday 5th March.  It’s a great event with free entry and free for charities to attend.  The organiser always invites local politicians, so it’s a great opportunity to ask some questions and bring the plight of animals to their attention.

There will also be presentations by some of the organisations taking part, including Animals Asia and of course lots of stalls too.  As it’s Mothers Day the following day maybe you could pick up a lovely gift too, which would also help the animals.  Just a thought….

Please do come along if you’re in the area or even make a special trip to Hanwell to support all those organisations doing such brilliant work.

Hope to see you there

Bazaar 2016 A6

Happy New Year!


Created by Sepp Häusl


Wishing you all a very happy New Year and most of all, may this be a year for the animals.  More rescues, more awareness and less suffering!

Let us all do what we can, every little really does help, so never think there is nothing you can do when you’re overwhelmed by all the suffering you see.  Together we can make a huge difference! UNTIL THE CRUELTY ENDS!


Merry Christmas from two very special Bears


Our Ronnie aka John and Kleopatra, who also lives in Nanning, would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas!

Like our girl Ronnie aka John, Kleopatra lives in Nanning and her adoptive mother Monika has been a supporter of Animals Asia in Germany for 12 years.  Both girls have come a long way since their care has been taken over by Animals Asia and all the bears are celebrating Christmas in Nanning too this year.

It has been an incredible year for Animals Asia with many challenges but also some great milestones, one of them being the end of bear bile farming in Halong Bay.

We will be supporting Animals Asia all the way UNTIL THE CRUELTY ENDS and hope you will all be with us.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year, from all of us at the London Animals Asia Support Group as well.