London Bear

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2016 – Update

We reached our goal for our gorgeous girl Ronnie aka John ahead of time, so she is now well and truly a London Moon Bear 🙂  A huge THANK YOU to all who helped us reach that goal!

We are keeping our JustGiving page going as it is also a very good way for people to donate for events.  All our fundraising from now on will be unrestricted again, which means Animals Asia can use the funds wherever they are most needed.

July 2014

We have pledged to adopt one of the bears at the bear farm in Nanning, Southern China, which is being converted into a sanctuary by Animals Asia. We need to raise a total of £12,000 so will have additional fundraisers, events and stalls to reach this target.  The money we raise will directly help with the conversion as it will give our bear all she needs for the first two years of being looked after by Animals Asia.

Ronnie aka John

Ronnie aka John

We have been allocated a bear in shed 3 at the Nanning farm.  She is a big, broad female, mature in age, a pretty big girl with a lovely face, brown muzzle and a big ruff.  Her name is Ronnie aka John, names chosen by Amanda Hogan and David Lawton and both names are very special.  Ronnie aka John bears the scars of her confinement – both of her front paws have been declawed and her lower teeth are broken. She is a quiet, watchful bear, but curious and gentle and will now come forward in anticipation of treats or showers or just to see what’s going on – no longer fearful of approach.

Ronnie aka John is attuned to the changes in her environment, and her future on this new sanctuary is now secure.

A total of 130 bears were at the farm, with some of the females possibly pregnant, sadly a couple had to be euthanised and one passed away under the anesthetic as they were too sick from having been so badly abused over the years.  At least they knew kindness for a little while.

Ronnie aka John in her bath tub (1 of 100 donated by UK supporter)

Ronnie aka John in her bath tub

The conversion of the farm into a sanctuary will take two years and cost approximately £3,000,000 so Animals Asia needs our help more now than ever before.

Please help us reach our target, be part of the change and let’s get those bears the sanctuary they so deserve.

Come to our events, visit our stalls or get actively involved with our group.  We will need more volunteers to help with the fundraisers we have already planned and also people with talents, who can make things for us to sell on stalls or offer masterclasses etc.  The fundraising possibilities really are endless, so please get involved, give up some of your precious spare time and help the bears get their freedom.

Animals Asia’s Peace by Piece campaign is unique, a never before attempted conversion of a bear farm into a sanctuary, and with all our help it will happen.

Funds are vital, be part of the change and make a difference.

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Please help us reach this target for Ronnie aka John and her friends

We have set up a JustGiving page for any group members doing challenges to raise funds and for anyone who can’t make it to events but would like to help us with our fundraising for Ronnie aka John

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