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Sepp Häusl’s pictures

Sepp Häusl has created the amazingly powerful picture on our Welcome page and I just wanted to share it again here for anyone who follows our blog but may not necessarily look at the other pages.



I’m sure there will be more and the picture on the Welcome page will be replaced occasionally, but I will share via the blog as well as they will all be amazing, all Sepp’s pictures are.  This one just says so much.

This is the prayer said at an Animals Asia bear funeral “Please look upon the others and give them promise of hope soon. And tell them to be patient and proudly wear the moon.”  I think that’s exactly what this picture says as well.

Let us all do what we can to get them all out of their hell holes as soon as possible.  We can all do something even if it doesn’t seem like it could possibly make a difference.  Whatever any of us can do to help will make a massive difference if we all do our bit.

The smallest donation will make a difference and telling others about the bears’ plight and how they can help.  There are some ideas here on Animals Asia’s website, or if you’re in London and would like to get actively involved with our fundraising, please feel free to contact us

Ronnie aka John update


The bears in Nanning have had another visit from the Animals Asia vet team and this time it was our girl’s turn to have a health check too.  We were very happy to hear from the UK office this morning that despite being slightly toothless now she is in good overall health.

This is the report from the vet team:

Ronnie AKA John had a particularly bad mouth with all of her canines and several molars being infected and rotten. Fortunately Ronnie’s body condition did not reflect the state of her mouth! The degree of dental work Ronnie required was substantial, and as a result she had the longest anaesthetic of this round, totalling four hours on the surgery table. Considering the amount of dentistry work Ronnie received, her recovery was incredible and apart from the hairless patches on her belly and arms it would have been difficult to know that she had undergone a health check

Ronnie aka John

Ronnie aka John

Sign up NOW to save the Halong Bay bears

I wanted to share this here for anyone who hasn’t seen Animals Asia’s open letter to Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung requesting the government steps in and confiscates the remaining 23 bears.

This move follows an expose in December 2014 by an Animals Asia team who were given access to inspect three farms just minutes from the iconic beauty spot.

During the inspections, the Cau Trang Bear Farm, was discovered to be home to 27 severely emaciated bears, with many suffering open wounds and missing limbs.

Last week it was discovered that 4 of the bears have already starved to death.

Please sign the open letter here if you haven’t already and read more about the situation on Animals Asia’s website.

Once you have signed, please share the letter far and wide to get those bears out of their hell as soon as possible.

Thank you!